A little encouragement for parents

Have you ever had the best of intentions only to fail miserably? I think its safe to say we all have been there before.

Last night I found a wholesome movie to watch as a family. ( Love, Kennedy ) It was a very moving and inspirational story of a girl who comes down with a terminal illness, yet despite losing her vision and motor skills, her outlook towards life and people remained positive and she gave God the glory in every situation.

So after watching something like this you would think it would put things into perspective and we would all be a little more patient with each other. Well as we all know, real life isn’t like the movies. It wasn’t even 5 minutes later that we were frustrated as we tried getting all 5 kids ready for bed. (Side note, have you ever noticed that once you utter the words “Bed time”, children seem to scatter like roaches when someone turns the light on? )

Anyhow, I began to beat myself up for getting so frustrated with my kids. I thought that I would be a little more patient and grateful for having healthy children after watching a film like that. The truth is, I am very grateful, but that doesn’t mean things will always be perfect. It’s my job to teach them how to act, and that starts by teaching myself how to be more patient and flexible. We know that when we ask God for patience, he gives us the opportunity to be patient.

So I just wanted to encourage the reader, you can’t change how you have responded in the past, but you CAN choose to control your responses moving forward. We are the parents, and even though kids throwing themselves on the ground and screaming in the middle of the grocery store can be frustrating and embarassing beyond words, do your best to stay calm and be the parent. Im finally starting to learn after my 6th kid that we need to lead them by example. Anger just begets more anger.

Hope this encourages someone today, I know I needed to hear this.

God Bless!

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