Beauty for Ashes

I only tend to blog when I have something that I feel is very important to say, or when something really strikes a chord in my spirit.

This afternoon some of my wife’s friends held a surprise baby shower for her. This was a huge blessing for her. As most of those closest to us know, we lost our son Carter 10 months ago , last August. So we never thought we would be having another shower so soon.

Christina was reading some of her cards after everyone left, and she started reading the one that my mom had given her. Now my mom can write some novels inside those little cardboard cards, but she always has good things to say.  One of the things she said was:

God gives us beauty for ashes, creates strength from our weakness, and gives us gladness for our mourning.”

I have heard that many times growing up, I believe its from Isaiah 61, but today was just one of those moments where a verse you have heard 1000 times just clicks and makes sense. I pictured us coming to God with nothing but the “ashes” of our situation, the loss of Carter. As we stand before God with what seems so horrific, God begins to do something that only he can do. He begins to take those ashes and turn them into something more beautiful than we can describe. Just as I was picturing this, Christina said something so perfect to go along with what I was thinking. She said “You know, if it werent for the loss of Carter, there wouldn’t be a Liana. Had we had Carter last November as planned, we wouldn’t have tried for another baby”

We don’t always know WHY God does things, or allows certain things to happen, but we also don’t see the big picture of HIS story. His story has been playing out exactly the way he planned it all along. The greatest love story ever told. A Father who stops at nothing, even giving up his own life, to save his children. Maybe God’s whole purpose for Carter’s life was to bring us closer to him and each other. To show us how precious life is, and to keep going. I know God has a purpose for Carter’s life, and a purpose for Liana’s as well. Im thankful that I get to be a part of it, and let all the glory go to Him.


In Jesus Christ our savior

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