Dont lose your song

This past weekend we released the Elevation EP at The Life Church, and it was amazing! Its great to see what God is doing in our church and its awesome to have some of our original songs out there. They are top-notch!

As I was listening to the song “You Reign”, one of the verses stopped me in my tracks:

“The enemy would love our praise to cease … cause when we lose our song we lose our strength”

That was me… I never really thought about it this way, or even admitted it to myself, but I think I lost my song when we lost Carter back in August. I never questioned God’s existence, but I was left with an emotional scar, that has been keeping me from worshiping the way I used to. So hearing this, I just decided to let go of that pain, and go all out this week in praising God.

Has this week been easy ?  No !  Honestly it feels as though I am being piled on in so many different areas … but I realize that we are in a spiritual war, and I cannot let circumstance dictate my attitude and relationship with God. God is God always, not just when things are going well with us.

So pray for me, pray for us all, that when the heat gets turned up in life, that we press forward and keep our “song” …. dont let the enemy steal your praise …. dont let him steal your strength !


God Bless






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