Worship While Waiting

Today we had the opportunity to visit a Christian family practice/OB to get a second opinion on the condition that our baby boy, Carter Eugene, has been diagnosed with. The doctor we met at Tepeyac Family Center was great. She took quite a long time out of her schedule to really explain what was going on and all of their personalized care programs. I enjoyed getting the perspective from a doctor who is also a  fellow believer.


So we will be scheduling another ultrasound with a highly-recommended doctor down in Fredricksburg. He apparently has also had a child with the same condition that Carter has. Coincidence? I think not. I believe God has placed these people in  our lives to help us on the journey that we are currently walking through.


We are still praying for a miracle, and greatly appreciate all the prayers and support we have received from our family, our friends, and our church! We know what the circumstances are, but we also know that God is bigger than our circumstances. We know God doesn’t freak out like we do during hard times, He actually comes along side us and comforts us. Its like when you were a kid and scared, when your Mom or Dad came into the room, you automatically felt safe again. Same way with God, even though I dont understand all that is going on, I feel safe knowing that he is in control.


So I will worship while I’m waiting for this miracle. I will praise Him for he is good and He is the giver of life. The doctor said something to me today that really stuck with me:


“Your impact on people in this world is not determined by how long you live. Sometimes those with the shortest lives touch people in ways that most of us never could.”


I think of Carter, how he has not even been born yet,  but still this little guy is having a huge impact on those around him. His little life has brought me closer to God, closer to my wife, and closer to my kids. He has hundred of people thinking and praying for him, and he hasn’t even breathed his first breath yet. So I just want to say thank you again for all your prayers, and I believe we will see a miracle in November when this little guy is born.


God Bless,








One comment on “Worship While Waiting

  1. Precious son, I read these words and my heart breaks sweetly! God has a way of doing that. I am filled with hope because I am a prisoner of hope! As I recount all He has done in your life and now your family’s life…I am even more encouraged because I know He has a plan for you all and it is for good!

    I can even thank God for this situation because it is drawing us all nearer to HIM. And my greatest joy is to KNOW Him and the power of His resurrection! He is able! And there is nothing impossible for Him!

    We, too, will worship while we wait! And expecting to see Him like never before!

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