Go Religion-Less

Today at The Life Church, Pastor David said something that went right along with something that I have been thinking a lot about lately. I have been thinking about religion and how “dead” it really is. People say to me all the time, “your religious right?”, and while I know what they mean, part of me wants to say “No, Im not religious, I have a relationship with Jesus Christ”.

So what was the phrase that he came up with?  He thought of the phrase “Go religion-less”. That is perfect! Religion is cold and unapproachable. Religion tells you that you need to keep a set of rules for God to accept you. Religion says, “Come, be more like us” … When in all reality, it should be “Come, be more like Christ”. See Jesus wasn’t all about religion either. Jesus hated religion. You might think that sounds a little crazy but its true. Jesus was all about relationship. He spent all his time loving on and teaching people that modern-day religion would call “sinners”, but as you read the Bible, you see that the only people He ever argued with was the religious leaders. Jesus knew their hearts, He knew they didn’t love God, they were all about rule-keeping. Who was it that ended up crucifying Jesus? The religious crowd !

So lets “Go Religion-Less” !!! Let’s stop trying to work our way to God and start embracing the work He did to save us.

God Bless


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